Would sending your child to a camp change their life? Check this!

If you’re reading this, it definitely means that you’re thinking about sending your child to an overnight camp. We know and understand that you indeed have concerns about that, or you may question if it’s the right thing to do for them. Would they handle being away from home for a few days? What would it be like for them not to have their mobile phones on them for the whole camp? And you’re definitely wondering how much you’re going to miss them! Well, we’re here to answer those questions and highlight how life-changing it is to send your child on a WellSpring Overnight Camp

Let’s start with a similar situation: you send your kids to school to learn something new, get a certificate, make new friends, get exposed to new experiences, and develop their characters in a safe environment. Well, sending them to a WellSpring Overnight Camp is similar but more! Our WellSpring camps are eligible for kids starting at age 8 years old, and it helps them: 

  • Be Independent; even the most dependent children learn to rely on themselves by spending some time away from their parents.
  • Love working/ playing in a team; the camp provides a community for your child to join. For example, campers learn to work together in keeping their cabins clean, work together to win a camp-wide competition, or work to help one another learn new skills.
  • Self-reflect; may seem like a grown-up thing, but the truth is without electronic toys, your child will learn to slow down and appreciate other worthy experiences.
  • Appreciate the Small Things; Spending some time away from home help the kids appreciate what they know as the “Normal” in their lives. For example, they get to appreciate all that home offers — a warm bed, a refrigerator full of snacks, a bathroom of their own, a television, etc.
  • Learn New Skills; the experience helps the kids find a hobby or a passion they otherwise may never have known about. 
  • Make new friends; a good camp program will make it easy for kids to find friends fast, and WellSpring is the expert in that! 
  • Learn to make choices, not critical ones, but for their age, picking the top or lower bunk is a choice, and deciding their sports major in the camp is a choice. That’s the perfect practice for the teen years ahead, which would be offering responsible decision-making opportunities every day.
  • Appreciate their parents; a child who spends some time away at the overnight camp learns to appreciate all his parents do for them. The little extras, such as making their favorite dishes, or driving them to and from sports practice, may suddenly be appreciated.

To sum it up, it may seem like a few-days experience when you look at it from a far perspective, but thinking of how beneficial and life-changing it may be to your kids would definitely change how you feel about it and help you get answers to all your questions! Take the upcoming chance and send your kid on one of WellSpring’s Winter Overnight Camps taking place next month!