Does your kid suffer from Bullying at school?

Bullying, a word we got used to hearing for the past year a lot, and unfortunately, we got used to being sarcastic about it, while the truth here is, it’s one of the biggest challenges our kids face in their schools, in their sports training, with their friends, sometimes even from their families!

Well, we believe that bullying is a serious matter that may affect the psychological health of the kid till old ages, and that’s why it should be taken seriously! It’s definitely not a joke to point a finger at someone and come up with something to make people laugh at!

Kids, especially in the age starting 4 years old and up to 12 years old need to be taught more about respect, boundaries, and how to have limits with the words they use with their friends and people around them! It's important to teach them how their words may affect someone badly, and also how their words may help someone or make them smile:) 

Most of the parents out there look for smart ways to apply ethical values with their kids, but that’s where most of them face the problem of “Why does it have to be me?”. Kids almost hate the rules their parents apply because they think those rules are applied only to them, that’s why it’s important to continuously enroll your kids during in WellSpring Camps where they actually learn something useful and also have fun! 

WellSpring Camps are hosted to focus on helping kids face those challenges in a healthy manner by: 

  • Giving them the chance to be put in groups with kids of the same age.
  • Teaching them the right values of honesty, integrity, and the importance of having boundaries.
  • Providing them with the opportunity of spending a fun vacation yet a useful one.

We always guarantee your kid's well being and an unforgettable experience!