Schools are back, but we’re here all year long!

It’s the end of a very successful summer season at WellSpring and we’re super excited to start the new one with a lot of new projects with Schools and organizations! 

Let us give you a heads up on the previous projects we worked on with our partners, varying from Schools to big corporations and residential compounds around Egypt as well. So, starting with Schools, last Fall we;ve hosted several successful Family Day Camps at the schools’ premises where students and their families come to join us for a day full of bonding fun activities that get them to make some good memories and share unforgettable bonding laughs. 

Not only do we host family camps for schools’ students and their parents, but we also focus on creating a memorable overnight camp experience for the students throughout the school year. We take students on a 3 nights overnight camp where they get to play, learn new values, experience the adrenaline rush of climbing the low ropes, and bond together in a happy fun atmosphere during the campfire while roasting some good-tasting marshmallows! 

Whereas for corporate organizations, we’ve hosted Family Day Camps too where employees get their spouses and kids to spend a day with their colleagues, play together, and bond in different ways too. This brings the employees a chance to not only create a bond with their family members, but also get to know their colleagues and their families better, resulting in creating a family-like work environment and thus improves the employees’ productivity when they get back to work! 

One of the projects we very much love was the Mother and Child Camp we cooperated with the National Bank of Egypt in hosting last March to celebrate some of the “Mom employees” in the bank! Hosting around 60 moms from one organization in an overnight mother and child overnight camp gave us an enormous feeling of happiness and pride! 

We can’t wait to partner up with more schools and organizations in the new season to create an impact with more students and families! 

As for the students, our precious campers, we can’t wait to have you all again in our upcoming Autumn and Christmas Day Camps and Overnight Camps too! Different topics covered in every camp, exciting activities and highlighting games too. Campers also get to make new friends throughout the camp which is a great add-on to every camper who attends. 

“My daughter’s friend got sick and canceled last minute before the camp, and my daughter didn’t want to come at first but when she attended, she got to make new friends and came for 2 more weeks after that!” - Said one of the campers’ moms attending our Summer Day Camps.