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We believe the most effective way to communicate with the young children is via challenging activities and hands-on learning. True to our slogan we encourage children to let their natural desires surface to the outside. Now WellSpring is able to serve 200,000 individuals, this includes overnight, day camps, father/mother and child camps, governmental and local school camps and international camps held in USA, Poland, Greece, Italy and Ukraine. Wellspring is present also in Lebanon and Morocco. WellSpring is accredited by both Leadership Development International (LDI) and WinShape International.
Our Vision
To empower the new generation to transform the Egyptian Community to live from the inside out.
Our Mission
To bring experiential learning to life through a fun environment to the new generation.

Core Values


Leads to Efficiency, Creativity and Fun


Demonstrates Love


Leads to Difference


Creates Credibility


Leads to Multiplication


Leads to Quality

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