Why you should have more Father-child bonding?

One of life’s biggest challenges that almost every father faces is, Bonding with their children and getting closer to them like they are with their mothers. Mostly, kids nowadays, develop a much closer relationship with their moms than their dads, and this happens due to a lot of conditions and obstacles, including work load, lack of communication, lack of know-how…etc.

Well, it’s not easy neither on moms nor on dads, but, there is always a chance to make it better, to build that bond you always think of! Once kids turn 6 or 7 they start thinking about the “What-ifs” a lot! “What is I could spend some more time with my dad?”, “What if I went and talked with my dad with an open-heart, would he listen”, that’s the main problem! You love them a lot and they cherish you and your presence in their lives, but you rarely find a mid-point that you can catch up with them at.

Attending a Father and Child camp is like having a one-day getaway with your child, away from the stress of work, their moms, their mobile phones and tablets, it’s a one day that is all about you and them where you get a chance to pour your heart out t them with how much they mean the world t you and listen closely to what they want and need to tell you. It is the time where you get a best friend out of your child!