WellSpring Online Courses

WellSpring believes in the importance of the relationship between parents and their children. That is the reason WellSpring is supporting all parents to strengthen their relationships with their children through the online course that covers a variety of topics…
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Five love languages

Number of lessons: 8 lessons

Study: online

Coach: Hadi Nabil

Product: WellSpring


Digital Addiction

This course teaches you how to deal with social media in the right way so you can be a role model to your children.

Number of lessons: 7 lessons

Study: online

Coach: Joseph Jacoub


Conflict Resolution Skills

This course helps you know the importance of family and the effect to create the physiological state of the children and how your family can be in a positive state of mind so you can build and create a strong generation who is able to be responsible and face problems.

Price: 200 EGP

Number of lessons: 10 lessons

Coach: Hossam Heshmat